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LST Staff

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Glenn Butler, President and Chief Executive Officer
Glenn Butler has more than 35 years experience in military and commercial diving, and clinical hyperbaric operations. He has developed and / or operated over a dozen major hospital-based Hyperbaric Medicine programs internationally.

He was a principle in the development of the New York City EMS Hyperbaric Medical Emergency Program beginning in 1980 and served as Safety Director at the Bronx Municipal Hospital Center ALS multiplace chamber until 1992.

Mr. Butler was the principle consultant when LST was sole-sourced by NASA–Johnson Space Center to engineer zero gravity simulation breathing systems and develop new oxygen safety standards for the astronaut training program designed to support the Hubbell Space Telescope emergency repair mission. He continues to lead the group’s efforts in its ongoing role with NASA and other DOD clients.

Glenn Butler (CHT #-012) was a founding member of the National Board Certification for Hyperbaric Technologists and is a member of the NFPA-99 and UHMS Hyperbaric Safety Committees. He has authored several HBO related U.S. Patents and published more than 26 scientific documents.

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Patrick McCabe, Chief Financial Officer
Patrick McCabe has a unique financial / business experience in the management and operation of hospital-based Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Centers. Prior to joining LST in 2003, Mr. McCabe spent thirty (30) years as the V.P. of Finance of a large Marine Construction / Diving Firm with an operating budget of over 20 million USD. Mr. McCabe has financed, insured and controlled payrolls for multiple Deep Sea Diving and Hyperbaric Chamber Saturation Diving Systems, Submarines and Ships including the Major Hyperbaric Medicine Centers – North American Hyperbaric Center in New York and the North Sea Hyperbaric Centre in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Over the last eight years, Patrick has been instrumental in helping to direct LST controlled growth to 9+ major Contract Companies and the transition into a major Healthcare provider Company that is reviewed by a CPA firm.

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Jorge Beale, Controller - Business Administration & Billing Services

Mr. Beale has more than 14 years of professional experience in hospital-based Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care Management and Installations. As Controller for the Life Support Technologies group his duties including Billing Coordination, IT management, Center Management and various other tasks. Mr. Beale is an Iona College Hagan School of Business Graduate in Business Administration and is New York State Life and Health Insurance Licensed. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of Billing and working with Insurance Companies and well as the various Electronic Medical Records Programs.

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Michael W. Allen, Senior Vice President - Operations & Safety
Mike Allen has some 38 years experience in the hyperbaric field including professional experience with air, mixed-gas and saturation deep-diving and equipment development. Prior to becoming involved in clinical hyperbaric activities in the mid 1980’s, he gathered considerable experience in the conduct and management of oil-related offshore deep-dive operations and onshore research programs to 1500 feet seawater.

He has been responsible for the development of four clinical monoplace chamber designs for critical-care and non-critical applications that continue to be sold internationally. He has co-authored two training and reference manuals and several papers, and regularly presents at accredited courses on the principles and safe practice of clinical hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

He pioneered the application of HBO 2 in the management of uncompromised traumatic (sports) injury, and continues to be actively involved in the identification and development of new clinical applications for HBO 2. He is an associate member of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

For more than 15 years Mike has been actively involved in setting the codes and standards under which the hyperbaric industry operates:

ASME-PVHO - Since 2001, Mike has been a member of the governing committee of the internationally recognized ASME standard  "Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy (PVHO 1)"  This is the standard which governs the design and construction of all types of hyper- and hypobaric chambers in the United States. This is the standard the FDA mandates must be met by all chambers intended for use in U.S. hospitals. Mike serves both at main committee level and in the following sub-committees, General Requirements (Vice Chair), Design, Viewports, Piping Systems, Post Construction (PVHO 2), and Diving. He is currently Chair of the Medical Systems sub-committee which is specifically responsible for both monoplace and multiplace chambers utilized for medical purposes.

NFPA 99 - Mike is also a principal member of the NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities standard Chapter 20, Technical Committee for Hyperbaric and Hypobaric Facilities. This standard provides guidance to designers and builders of hospital facilities.  It is also used by Authorities Having Jurisdiction as the measure against which they inspect facilities for compliance with building and safety requirements.

In his role as Senior Vice President - Operations & Safety, Mike has overall responsibility for corporate compliance with industry quality standards, establishing and enforcing corporate safety policy, and generating the operating and safety policies utilized in our centers. He provides customer and engineering support to existing and potential clients. He also develops much of our in-house continuing education and training materials and is a member of the faculty for our UHMS accredited hyperbaric course - Basic Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine - which CMS mandates as the minimum training requirements for all technicians, nurses and physicians entering the clinical hyperbaric field.

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Mark Chipps, CHT - Corporate Compliance Officer
Mark Chipps has been working with LST since 2000. His initial employment was as the Nassau University Medical Center Multi-place Hyperbaric Chamber Unit Supervisor and Safety Director. A position that he had held for several years before LST was awarded the NUMC Chamber management contract. Mark is one of the most experienced people involved in DAN diver accident management and ventilated critical patient care working in the entire Hyperbaric Medicine Industry today.

Mark began diving in 1988 & holds many advanced diving certifications. In 1993 he joined a local fire department and volunteered as an EMT-Critical Care / lead diver on their Underwater Search & Rescue Team. Mark has an advanced working knowledge of NFPA-99, and UHMS hyperbaric codes, as well as JCAHO, and AAAHC code compliance. In his current role as Corporate Compliance Officer, Mark is focused on LST Corporate Compliance and Hospital Partner UHMS / JCAHO accreditation.

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Aaron Butler, BA, MBA - NASA / DOD Liaison
Aaron Butler earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin's McCombs School of Business.

Aaron began his professional career at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX as a Mission Control Specialist for the International Space Station (ISS). At NASA he specialized in the guidance, navigation and control systems of the ISS and Space Shuttle and was the lead specialist for Space Shuttle missions STS-112 and STS-113.

After nearly five years at NASA, Aaron was recruited by the European Space Agency (ESA) in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. At ESA he garnered project management experience as the Operations Manager for Astrolab, Europe's first long-duration astronaut mission, and Columbus, ESA's primary contribution to the ISS.

During the pursuit of his MBA, Aaron worked with S3 Ventures, a venture capital investment firm with a focus on healthcare. At S3 he evaluated the technical, operational, and financial viability of businesses seeking venture funding, and consulted with portfolio companies in areas of market research and product development.

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Jacques F. Vieweg, Facility Engineer
Jacques joined the LST Group in July 2006. With his experience in Mechanical Engineering, Jacques has applied his talents and expertise to the challenging areas of Research and Development, Hyperbaric Equipment Maintenance, Product Testing, and Patent Development. Jacques experience stems from a diverse career history including;

30 years General Motors Manufacturing Facility

  • Electrician in maintenance department
  • 20 years Robotics experience in Paint and Body shop robots
  • Trouble shooting Manufacturing Processes in Painting and Welding applications in the auto industry

Joined Life Support Technologies in July 2006

  • Fabrication and Installation of gas panels and other required devises
  • Maintenance and repair on Hyperbaric Chamber
  • Research and development and conducting Clinical tests of various devices and applications in the health industry.

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Gerry Koinig, BS - Mathematics, Computer Science - Media Coordinator, IT Specialist
After working for 17 years at Lockheed Martin IMS, Gerry joined Life Support Technologies in 2002. Gerry was a lead software designer and developer of large-scale software applications for government municipalities across the U.S.  Prior to joining LST,  he also worked as a freelance web site developer and graphic artist.

Gerry’s responsibilities at LST include: Web Design, Software Development and Maintenance; Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing for Marketing and Corporate Media; and software related technical support for senior management and staff.

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Bernie Chowdhury, BA, CHT - Director of Training & Marketing
Bernie Chowdhury has worked at Life Support Technologies since 2004. As Training Director, he coordinated the creation of the company’s 40-hour “Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine” course and obtained approval from the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) for issuance of CMEs; he is also on the course faculty.

Bernie is a board-Certified Hyperbaric Technologist (CHT) and has helped run one of LST’s nine facilities. He has worked at marketing efforts to increase course attendance and has also worked to increase patient numbers at several LST facilities. Bernie is a mixed-gas, deep diving instructor authorized to teach to depths of 330 feet / 100 meters. He is known internationally for his top-selling, non-fiction book, The Last Dive (HarperCollins, 2000), published in eleven languages.

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Bok Y. Lee, MD, FACS, Chairman of Clinical Research and Development
Dr. Lee is a distinguished, internationally recognized vascular surgeon with more than 200 published scientific articles and 9 books to his credit. His latest books are: The Wound Management Manual (McGraw-Hill, 2005) and The Spinal Cord Injured Patient (2 nd edition, Demos, 2002). Dr. Lee served on the Board of Governors of the American College of Surgeons for six years (1993-1999). He has been Professor of Surgery (NY Medical College, Valhalla, NY), Director of Surgical Research (Sound Shore Medical Center, New Rochelle, NY) and Adjunct Professor (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY).

Dr. Lee is actively involved in conducting hyperbaric research with the Life Support Technologies team.